The 2016 Binocular Conference Keynote

Max Liboiron

“Theorizing Externalities: 185 Pieces of Junk Walk into a Bar…”

Originally delivered
Saturday, April 30th
Victoria College, Room 323
University of Toronto
Time 12:30pm

Max Liboiron

Max Liboiron is an Assistant Professor in Sociology and Environmental Sciences at Memorial University in Newfoundland. She holds a PhD in Media, Culture, and Communication from New York University. She directs the Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR) which partakes in grassroots monitoring of marine plastics, and runs the Discard Studies blog, an interdisciplinary hub for research on waste. In her own words, her academic work focuses on how “invisible, harmful, emerging phenomena such as “slow” disasters and toxicants from plastics become apparent in science and activism, and how these methods of representation relate to action.”

You can find more information about Max at her website

Max’s Projects: 

Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research

Discard Studies