We would like to thank everyone who has come from near and far to present their work and provide us all with such rich opportunities for discussion. It could not have been as stimulating, provocative, and interdisciplinary without the various perspectives you have shared in your scholarship.

Thank you for joining us!

We are especially grateful to Max Liboiron for taking time out of her busy schedule to participate in the conference and so generously share her work.

Thank you to Erich Weidenhammer and the University of Toronto Scientific Instrument Collection team for introducing us to the “Made in Toronto” exhibit; to Andrew Garrison for providing us the opportunity to present his film “Trash Dance”; and to Chris Bryson for his photograph, “The Parts Bus,” used in this and other conference media.

The Conference Organizers would also like to thank:

Ernie Hamm and the York University Department of STS; Aryn Martin, York University STS Graduate Program Director; Paul Delaney and the Division of Natural Science; the STS Graduate Students’ Association; the York University Graduate Students’ Association; Libi Lancia; Sindy Mahal; Yana Boeva and Kasey Coholan; Angela Cope; the faculty and students of the York University Department of STS; Berries & Blooms Catering

Craig Fraser and the University of Toronto IHPST; Denis Walsh, University of Toronto IHPST Graduate Director; HAPSAT; Nicholas Overgaard; Denise Horsely and Muna Salloum; The University of Toronto Graduate Students Union; the faculty and students of the University of Toronto IHPST; Victoria College Catering Department.

And for all those who volunteered their time or in any way contributed to making this conference great, including our participant hosts, Alex Gatien, Jason Grier, and Jill Lazenby.

Once more, thank you. We could not have done it without you!

Erin Grosjean, York University STS Conference Coordinator

Greg Rupik, University of Toronto IHPST Conference Coordinator